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Getting Real About Workplace Violence

Getting Real about Bias, Diversity and Inclusion, and Harassment

Empower your employees to understand, recognize, and respond quickly and effectively to all forms of workplace violence, including extreme violence.

28 minutes (Employee) 38 minutes (Manager)  

1 Pre-measurement Module +
2 Modules (Employee)
3 Modules (Manager)

Employee and Manager Versions   English and Spanish

Training Topics

Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention Extreme Violence ResponseActive Assailant Response

Engaging Training on Tough Topics

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Are you missing the warning signs of violence in the workplace?

Despite the rising levels of violence in our society, especially in workplaces, a considerable number of organizations shy away from addressing the issue of workplace violence through training. Our approach aims to overcome this hesitation with content that avoids sensationalizing the problem and instead concentrates on prevention. The course raises awareness of concerning behaviors and builds skills on how to report them when necessary. It covers extreme violence situations in a manner that makes people mindful, not fearful.

Learning Goals

Following Getting Real About Workplace Violence  training, your employees and managers will:

  • List changes in behavior that indicate a potential for violence.
  • Recall two questions that help them recognize early signs of potential violence.
  • Recognize the link between domestic violence and workplace violence.
  • Know what to do if someone’s conduct is alarming or they notice a concerning pattern of small changes in someone.
  • Share with a manager or HR any abusive conduct or concerning behaviors they’ve observed or experienced.
  • Understand and quickly apply the 3G options in the face of extreme violence: Get Out, Get Safe or Get Tough™.

Measure Success with Atana Insights

  • A 5-minute pre-measurement module establishes a baseline of attitudes on and awareness of workplace violence issues.
  • Atana aggregates your learners’ responses to questions in the course related to desired workplace actions (such as sharing concerns about abusive conduct in the workplace with a manager or HR and acting immediately in the face of extreme violence to Get Out, Get Safe, or Get Tough.). All data is anonymized.
  • Using the gathered data, Atana Insights creates a benchmark of strengths and weaknesses within your organization’s culture and compares your results to national averages.
  • Your organization receives actionable next steps that are proven to drive real, measurable, and positive change at scale. 

Course Details

The course is divided into three modules.

    • Module 1: Awareness and Prevention

      Enables learners to: 

      • Recognize and identify potential threats in the workplace.
      • Apply strategies to identify risks and share concerns with others.

      Training time:  17 minutes

    • Module 2: Extreme Violence Response

      Enables learners to: 

      • Understand the three basic options for survival in extreme violence situations: Get Out, Get Safe, or Get Tough™.
      • Take immediate and decisive action to protect themselves and others in the event of a crisis.

      Training time:  11 minutes

    • Module 3: Advanced Training for Managers

      Enables learners to: 

      • Foster a work culture in which employees are comfortable reporting concerning behaviors.
      • Explain how domestic violence impacts the workplace.
      • Understand the importance of connecting with team members regularly.

      Training time:  10 minutes

    Modules are not sold separately.

    Manager Course

    Because of the critical role managers play in workplace violence prevention, the Getting Real About Workplace Violence Manager Course provides additional instruction on:

    • The manager’s role in fostering a safe work environment.
    • How to encourage the reporting of potential issues.
    • Checking in regularly with team members.
    • Having a plan when concerning behavior is witnessed.

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    “strongly aligns with our core values as a company”

    The training is something we feel strongly aligns with our core values as a company. We wanted to be able to share those ideas with our employees in ways that are in line with the diversity & inclusion course.
    Angela, Director eLearning and Development, Hard Rock International

    “high-quality content with the ability to capture and hold people's attention"

    I found products that were engaging and got the learning points across. Their training products combine high-quality content with the ability to capture and hold people's attention.
    Robert, Director of Customer Solutions, Frontline Insurance

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