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Unintentional Still Hurts

Overcoming Unconscious Bias

Proven to drive positive change, this best-selling course provides practical instruction on recognizing, challenging, and responding to bias in the workplace.

48 minutes   1 Pre-measurement Module + 3 Modules

Employee and Manager Versions   English and Spanish

Bias and STEP Revisited Follow-Up Course (sold separately)

Training Topics

Overcoming Bias Diversity, Equity, and InclusionDiscrimination Prevention Bystander InterventionUpstander

Engaging Training on Tough Topics

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Have your efforts to address workplace bias fallen short?

Ineffective unconscious bias training often leaves employees without tangible ideas of what to do next. This award-winning course's practical instruction has been shown to yield a 3x increase in bias acceptance and provide employees with what they need to help create a bias-free work environment.

Learning Goals

Following Unintentional Still Hurts  training, your employees and managers will:

  • Recognize that they have biases.
  • Implement strategies to overcome unconscious bias.
  • Stop and consider potential biases when making assumptions about co-workers' abilities.
  • Identify microaggressions.
  • Respectfully handle situations where an offense has occurred (whether they’re the target, the perpetrator or a witness).

Measure Success with Atana Insights

  • A 5-minute pre-measurement module establishes a baseline of attitudes on and awareness of workplace bias topics.
  • Atana aggregates your learners’ responses to questions in the course related to desired workplace actions (such as acceptance of personal bias and intentionally thinking about potential bias when making assumptions about others’ abilities). All data is anonymized.
  • Using the gathered data, Atana Insights creates a benchmark of strengths and weaknesses within your organization’s culture and compares your results to national averages.
  • Your organization receives actionable next steps that are proven to drive real, measurable, and positive change at scale.

Course Details

The course is divided into three modules.

    • Module 1: Understanding Bias

      Enables learners to: 

      • Identify different types of bias.
      • Understand the impact of unconscious bias.
      • Understand the concept of priming and its impact on implicit bias.
      • Have enhanced awareness of the potential harm personal bias can cause.

      Employee training time:  17 minutes | Manager training time: 17 minutes

    • Module 2: Recognizing Hidden Bias and Microaggressions

      Enables learners to: 

      • Recognize microaggressions and their impact.
      • Understand the role of priming and unconscious bias in perpetuating microaggressions.
      • Use the three STEP strategies (Stop & Think, Explore and Prepare) for overcoming unconscious bias.
      • Consider how to create an inclusive work environment.

      Employee training time:  15 minutes | Manager training time: 17 minutes

    • Module 3: Speaking Up (Employee) and Proactive Leadership (Manager)

      Enables learners to: 

      • Respond respectfully if called out for a microaggression.
      • Understand your options if you are the target of microaggression.
      • Be an upstander if you witness disrespectful or demeaning conduct, or microaggressions.
      • Handle an employee’s complaint about microaggressions or disrespectful conduct (Manager).

      Employee training time:  15 minutes | Manager training time: 17 minutes

    Modules are not sold separately.

    Manager Course

    Because of the critical role managers play in overcoming bias at work, the manager version of Unintentional Still Hurts provides additional instruction on:

    • The manager’s role in creating a culture of respect, including:
      • Personal responsibility
      • Peer-to-peer upstander responsibility
      • Leadership responsibility
    • How to handle an employee’s complaint about microaggressions or disrespectful conduct.
    • What a proactive leader can do to minimize the impact of implicit bias at work.

    Bias and STEP Revisited Follow-Up Course
    (1 module, sold separately)

    Designed to be taken in the months following training with the main course, this 10-minute supplemental training:

    • Reinforces bias understanding by addressing the difference between implicit and explicit bias. 
    • Demonstrates the harmful impact of explicit bias, using a powerful transgender employee scenario.  
    • Gives a refresher on applying the STEP (Stop & Think, Explore, Prepare) strategy to overcome bias.

    The Bias and STEP Revisited course measures learners' acceptance of bias over time, reinforcing the longevity of the initial unconscious bias training.

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    “strongly aligns with our core values as a company”

    The training is something we feel strongly aligns with our core values as a company. We wanted to be able to share those ideas with our employees in ways that are in line with the diversity & inclusion course.
    Angela, Director eLearning and Development, Hard Rock International

    “high-quality content with the ability to capture and hold people's attention"

    I found products that were engaging and got the learning points across. Their training products combine high-quality content with the ability to capture and hold people's attention.
    Robert, Director of Customer Solutions, Frontline Insurance


    • Telly Award – Bronze
    • Viddy Awards – Platinum
    • Marcom Awards – Platinum

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