How workplace violence prevention training benefits employees

When it comes to Workplace Violence Prevention, knowledge is power. 

The extent to which workplace violence (WPV) training can make a significant impact is highlighted in this infographic which compares trained employees to untrained employees in 3 critical areas: Awareness & Prevention, Extreme Violence Response, and Long Term Impact.

Download the infographic.

Through the graphic, you'll also see how WPV training aligns with other workplace culture initiatives you may have underway. For example:

  • Effective WPV training enables people to take informed action when they witness alarming behavior, and helps overcome any hesitancy to do so. This builds on training that equips them to bring forward concerns they have around disruptive conduct as bullying, harassment, and discrimination while helping build a culture where people look out for one another.
  • According to SHRM, 1 in 7 employees does not feel safe from violence at work. Ensuring people have been taught strategies for surviving an act of extreme violence reduces their anxiety while demonstrating your organization’s concern for employee wellbeing.

Recommended Training

Watch this trailer to see how Getting Real About Workplace Violence ensures employee and managers can understand, recognize, and respond quickly and effectively to each type of workplace violence, including extreme violence.