Why Effective Workplace Violence Prevention Training Matters

Today’s workplaces can see a range of disruptive and concerning behaviors, including bullying, intimidation, threats and signs that a person could potentially be on a path to violence. With acts of extreme workplace violence occurring regularly, it’s important that employees and managers understand what to look for and that they follow the guideline “if you see something, say something.” They must also be prepared in the event a worst-case scenario (such as an active shooter) occurs.

A recent Atana study done prior to updating the Getting Real About Workplace Violence training program, uncovered the following:

1. When employees were asked whether they would promptly notify a manager or HR if they witnessed or experienced alarming conduct at work:  

    • 90% agreed that doing nothing was the wrong thing to do, but only half agreed it would be important to notify their manager or HR.
    • Less than 50% felt that they would be supported by their co-workers if they shared their concern.

2. When asked whether they would take immediate protective action in the event of an extreme act of violence

    • 3 out of 4 people reported they would be scared to do so for fear of making the wrong choice about what to do.

The good news is that the study also revealed the things employees felt would make them more apt to act quickly: Awareness, Clear Path to Safety, Planning, Training, Support.

Organizations intent on keeping people safe must select workplace violence training that will educate and empower employees and managers in all aspects of awareness, prevention and response.  The goals is to make people less fearful and more mindful.

As the graphic to the right explains, when workplace violence prevention training is effective, it yields 5 key benefits:

  • Enables Recognition of changes in others that might signal trouble.
  • Enhances Awareness of the forms workplace violence can take.
  • Primes Action by empowering informed preventative action.
  • Nurtures a Culture where people look out for one another.
  • Prepares Employees with proven survial methods should extreme violence occur.

Recommended Training

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This highly effective eLearning enables organizations to teach and track key behaviors in the areas of workplace violence awareness, prevention and response.