L&D Trends

  1. Female leader with team

    Putting L&D's Four Critical Themes into Motion

    In this follow-up post, HR thought-leader Steve Goldberg offers examples of specific things L&D can do to help their organizatons improve in 4 crucial areas: Agility, Employee Engagement, Change Management and Employer Brand.

  2. 4 Steps to Addressing Mental Health

    4 Steps to Addressing Mental Health

    I’m a senior executive. I am an advanced pickleball player. I am an accomplished musician. Ya know what…those came to mind before I even thought of father, son, friend, mentor, etc. 

  3. 3 business leaders around a table looking at data

    Using In-Context Analytics to Enhance Employee Engagement Data

    Engagement surveys, while valuable, have limitations. To gain comprehensive insights into employee perceptions, organizations should supplement survey findings with in-context employee data, such as that available through Atana's eLearning courses and corresponding Atana Insights dashboard.

  4. Unlocking Human Brilliance, Against All Odds

    Unlocking Human Brilliance, Against All Odds

    Learn why leaders often miss team member potential and how, by developing leaders, you unlock human ingenuity and drive the organization forward.

  5. Male and female co-workers having a tense discussion

    Addressing Inconsistent Standards in the Workplace

    To ensure employees speak up against harassment, standards of behavior must be applied consistently in the workplace. Here are 7 strategies leaders can use.

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    Making the Business Case for L&D: Four Critical Themes

    HR thought leader Steve Goldberg presents 4 strategic themes underlying the business case for organizational L&D: enterprise agility, the importance of employee productivity and engagement, driving successful business and digital transformations, and the role of employer brand in talent imperatives.