Atana Process

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    Using In-Context Analytics to Enhance Employee Engagement Data

    Engagement surveys, while valuable, have limitations. To gain comprehensive insights into employee perceptions, organizations should supplement survey findings with in-context employee data, such as that available through Atana's eLearning courses and corresponding Atana Insights dashboard.

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    Learning Transfer: An Integral Part of the Atana Process

    Atana’s mission is encapsulated in the profound belief that changed people change workplaces. This post explains how vital behaviors are covered in our various training courses; the more individuals engage with the content, the more they experience the phenomenon of learning transfer.

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    For Training to Impact Culture, New Behaviors Must Be Put to Work

    Learn what behavioral training is and how it can be added to knowledge training to yield greater application of new workplace behaviors and tangible training ROI.

  4. How the Power of Intent Drives Atana's New Behavioral Training

    How the Power of Intent Drives Atana's New Behavioral Training

    By infusing the power of intent into course design, our behavioral training products influence the 3 critical factors that shape behavior. The result? Greater likelihood that the training will achieve its goals—evidenced by new employee behaviors at work.

  5. Measure What Matters: Knowing is Not Doing

    Measure What Matters: Knowing is Not Doing

    When it comes to training ROI, knowledge gain is not enough.  See how Atana's behavioral courses enable L&D and HR to measure what matters most—behavioral intent.