Workplace Violence Prevention Training eBook

Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention initiatives often compete for time and resources with multiple other priorities.

In this research-based book, subject matter expert James Sporleder shares his observations and insights on how to get senior leadership to see the importance of (and subsequently fund and make time for) a proper program.



• Do You Speak “C-Suite”?

  • See Things through Their Eyes
  • Address Unfamiliarity and Misconceptions
  • Remember…They’re human, too.
  • Offset the Underestimation of Risk

• Explaining Why Extreme Situations Mean Extreme Risk
• Calculating the Unimaginable
• Measuring Disaster
• 100x-200x Impact!
• All is Not Lost

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Employee and Manager Courses

Empower your team to understand, recognize, and respond quickly and effectively to all forms of workplace violence, including extreme violence.

About the Author

James Sporleder has 30 years’ experience in the security industry. With a unique background in specialized captivity survival, James has trained thousands of US military personnel from some of the most elite units in the US Department of Defense. He’s worked in the corporate arena for nearly 20 years, focusing on the development and implementation of specialized training programs and helping more than 50 percent of the Fortune 100 prepare for and respond to emerging challenges related to workplace violence, intimate partner violence, and extreme violence such as active shooter.