Getting Real About Workplace Violence-CA Preview Videos

Getting Real About Workplace Violence Trailer

Watch this trailer to see how Getting Real About Workplace Violence ensures employee and managers can understand, recognize, and respond quickly and effectively to each type of workplace violence, including extreme violence.



Employee and Manager Versions  

English and Spanish

Getting Real About Workplace Violence - California 

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Getting Real about Workplace Violence is fully interactive eLearning. The course preview shows how a learner would progress through the course. It does not include all the behavioral and knowledge-based questions. To demo the eLearning course in its entirety, please contact us.

CA Employee eLearning Course Preview

The Employee course ensures learners can:

  • Understand the spectrum of workplace violence behaviors and different forms of potential threats.
  • Recognize the early warning signs of workplace violence.
  • Promptly report alarming conduct when witnessed.
  • Immediately respond to extreme violence by getting out, getting safe or getting tough.

Preview Video 32 minutes

CA Manager eLearning Course Preview coming soon.

Manager eLearning Course Preview

The Manager course covers the same content as the Employee course as well as how to:

  • Foster a safe work environment.
  • Encourage team members to report potential issues before they escalate.
  • Check in regularly with team members.
  • Have a plan when concerning behavior is witnessed.

Note: This is the Getting Real About Workplace Violence, Manager standard version preview. The California version Manager course preview will be available soon.

Preview Video 35 minutes

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