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Combining engaging, award-winning content with embedded behavioral assessments, Atana takes learners from intent to action and delivers measurable improvements in employee behaviors and attitudes.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

How Was Your Day?  is our #1 selling program for building awareness and inspiring behavior change in the critical areas of unconscious bias, inclusion, harassment and bullying. 

  • Relatable. A diverse cast and variety of workplace settings and examples help all audiences connect with the content.
  • Practical. Bias-busting and inclusion-building tips such as Blind Auditions and Turn off Your Rebuttal Brain are memorable and easy to put into practice.
  • Non-threatening. Topics that can cause defensiveness are approached in a non-threatening manner; much of the personal reflection around these issues happens privately.

Sexual Harassment

Once & For All is 7x award-winning sexual harassment prevention training that features relatable scenarios and practical instruction

  • Teaches desired workplace behaviors, such as speaking up about inappropriate behavior, setting professional boundaries, and seeking manager or HR support when needed.
  • Provides everything you needed to meet requirements—Employee & Manager courses, state-specific versions, and a 200% compliance guarantee.

Unconscious Bias

Unintentional Still Hurts goes beyond the basics — covering impact vs. intent, the concept of microaggressions, and how to identify and respond to bias.

  • Focuses on behavior change with strategies that help learners recognize and overcome bias.
  • Inspires learners to be their best selves and helps them acknowledge their own potential biases.
  • Is relatable, memorable and engaging, encouraging reflection long after the training.

Workplace Violence

Intimidation, threats and assaults come in many forms. Our Getting Real About Workplace Violence solution helps people recognize, prevent and respond to all types.

  • Helps people take action when needed, whether it be early, preventative action or decisive, life-saving action in response to an extreme violence event.
  • Focuses on concerning behaviors while giving people the mental permission to bring concerns forward.

  • Comes in different versions to suit your organization’s requirements including a California version compliant with SB 553. Also has Employee and Manager courses.

Workplace Communication

Uncomfortable Conversations is powerful training that gives managers tips on how to confidently and effectively navigate difficult conversations with direct reports, including:

  • Initiating conversations rather than avoiding or procrastinating
  • Balancing empathy with their responsibilities as a manager​
  • Maintaining dignity and respect for the employee throughout the conversation.


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