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  1. 4 Steps to Addressing Mental Health

    4 Steps to Addressing Mental Health

    I’m a senior executive. I am an advanced pickleball player. I am an accomplished musician. Ya know what…those came to mind before I even thought of father, son, friend, mentor, etc. 

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    Is Your People Manager Pipeline in Trouble?

    Organizations need strong management pipelines, but these days fewer people are showing interest in moving into people manager roles. Here are 5 things HR and L&D can do about it.

  3. Unlocking Human Brilliance, Against All Odds

    Unlocking Human Brilliance, Against All Odds

    Learn why leaders often miss team member potential and how, by developing leaders, you unlock human ingenuity and drive the organization forward.

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    Making the Business Case for L&D: Four Critical Themes

    HR thought leader Steve Goldberg presents 4 strategic themes underlying the business case for organizational L&D: enterprise agility, the importance of employee productivity and engagement, driving successful business and digital transformations, and the role of employer brand in talent imperatives.