Unconscious Bias - Family Leave

In this implicit bias training video clip, you'll see how a manager's assumptions about what his employee will need when she returns from family leave cause her to feel slighted more than supported. 

Clip from Unintentional Still Hurts ©2021-2023 Atana

However, the clip also shows how the manager uncovers the hidden bias behind his actions. 

Only when we do the work of exploring the biases we have, the assumptions we make, and how our words and actions impact others can we actively contribute to an inclusive workplace where everyone feels safe, respected and engaged.


Unintentional Still Hurts: Overcoming Unconscious Bias
This best-selling implicit bias training provides practical instruction on how to recognize, challenge and respond to bias. Researched results show 3x increased acceptance of personal bias after training*—a key first step to changing behavior.

*2022 Atana Bias Training Research