Inappropriate Behavior is Hard to Ignore

Harmless Banter or Hostile Work Environment?

 Watch the clip below. Does the phrase, "been there, done that" come to mind? For many, it does.

Once & For All clip @ 2018-2023 Atana


Inappropriate humor and disrespectful behavior have been tolerated in workplaces for years simply because people who are actually bothered by it choose not to speak up.  They don't want to make waves, or get in the way of people having a good time at work.

A recent Atana survey revealed that 84% of employees believe maintaining professional boundaries at work is the right thing to do, however...

   • 58% don't feel co-workers expect them to maintain professional boundaries, and

   • 32% find it more difficult to set boundaries against things sexual in nature if co-workers don't seem bothered by them

Effective sexual harassment training can help address these issues by...

1) Reminding employees that comments and conduct of a sexual nature are never appropriate for work -- even if some people "seem okay" with it.  The workplace has to be a place where everyone feels safe and comfortable, so when in doubt, don't say it or do it. 

2) Emphasizing the importance of bystander intervention. When co-workers understand that calling out inappropriate behavior is their responsibility, too, (not just the victim's) it can significantly decrease the pressure on those who feel uncomfortable confronting it.

3) Illustrating procedures for reporting inappropriate conduct so employees know where to turn for help when they need it. This includes clarifying the roles of management and human resources in addressing these incidents and making sure every report is taken seriously and acted upon promptly.

4) Teaching managers how to clearly communicate and uphold respectful workplace standards.


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