Bullying - Free Self Assessment

Is it strong behavior... or bullying?

Bullying in the workplace. We know it’s out there. We feel compassion for the victims. And, we wonder how it happens in our modern, society. We’re not cave dwellers after all.

The truth is, workplace bullying is a serious problem in many organizations.  Different from everyday workplace conflict which can stem from a variety of factors, with bullying, the bully is largely responsible for the situation and is responsible for putting an end to the disrespectful behaviors.  Unfortunately, people don't always see the behaviors they employ in the workplace as bullying.

Sometimes the behaviors managers characterize as strong leadership and the behaviors employees think of as strong team work, are power and control tactics that can bring down a team, department, or company. 

We all want to be successful at work. Creating a culture of respect that is free of harassment and bullying--where high-performing teams can flourish--begins with an internal spotlight.

To help create this culture, we offer a free self-assessment to help you assess your potential for bullying in the workplace. Keep in mind this assessment is only a quick snapshot, but we recommend being both honest and open-minded. A little thought about your responses may reveal things you didn’t see in yourself.

The first step toward change is self-awareness. Kudos to you for taking the first step!

Because bullying is often a precursor to increased conflict and more serious forms of disharmony, awareness of bullying is a key step in creating a safe and respectful workplace.

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